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Why Read This Memoir

Three Quick Steps……days to come down…years to recover.

You just came out of an against-all-odds movie and it was as the trailer implied…a feel good movie. Later, while digesting the movie with friends you realize it was just a movie and your glow fades away. Robert Emmett’s memoir, “Three Quick Steps”, is a succeed against-all-odds book. Big difference…it is a true and genuine memoir. So what’s in it for me with this memoir…? 1. Everyone likes the down and out person to succeed…in this memoir you will be inspired to feel good and you know what, because this is the real stuff, your glow will last today and the next…2.We all have our demons…you didn’t quite satisfy the boss today, family discords…In this memoir you will immediately feel the courage Robert Emmett derives from the support his family and friends pour onto him. A life lesson you will appreciate…When you fall, when you fail…muster up your courage, get up and fight. Lean on your family and friends…they will be there. Learn to make things happen…a habit often attributed to Robert Emmett. 3. Don’t like books that have too much flourish…you wonder if the author is entertaining himself with his own erudition. Or there are so many flashbacks that you get confused. The memoir is written in a straightforward and simple style with grace and warmth…you won’t get tired of reading…rather you will be entertained because of its style…like having a great glass of wine and talking to a close friend. 4. There isn’t a hint of despair, no maudlin outbursts, no tears, no ‘woe is me’. Rather, Robert Emmett casts his memoir in humor, irreverence and wit…with true life recollections. He consistently does quite the opposite when confronted with a painful challenge. Be a champion of your own spirit. 5. When you make a perfect strike on a golf ball…you know it…you can feel it. The ball will dance after it hits the green. This memoir, “Three Quick Steps“, will dance for you: you will succeed: you will be at peace with yourself.

An Inspiring Account of Struggle and Recovery