My Plan for Life

What will we learn when we read your book “Three Quick Steps

Never let your demons, whoever they are or what they are, get you down…always get up and fight your way back. It may not get easier but you will always know the way back…inspire yourself with hope, fill yourself with courage, hold onto your dreams and in doing so…bring peace to your life.

How did you overcome?

  1. Driven personality…became so (pushy) to overcome physical recovery challenges.
  2. Origin of driving expressive…”make things happen”…I had to get results…strengthen certain muscles…there was no choice in certain cases.
  3. Insight into others personalities…learn the best from others and incorporate into myself
    Examples of all of (1, 2 and 3) the above…tennis and three quick steps, academic achievements…PhD, business achievements…promotion to Vice President in both companies

You make mention of a Mr. Normal in your book…who is he ?

He was person I ‘invented’ in my early years…he seem to know what was needed before I could actually express it…I think I picked it up from various people (doctor, visiting nurse etc.) and formulated a plan of action that I could not really articulate when I was younger.

Other important reasons to write the book ?

Driven personality, Origin of driving expressive, Grandchildren, Family history.

why will the reader enjoy reading your book

Great, filled with joy ups (Jane, John, three quick steps, academic and business achievements). Learned how to handle downers…with inspiration, courage and grace and determination to get back and recover.

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An Inspiring Account of Struggle and Recovery